Apartment Drama

On our whirlwind trip to Seattle a few weekends ago we saw about 9 apartments all over downtown in about 8 hours.  It was exhausting to say the least.  After the first 4 all the gyms looked the same and the kitchen’s all melded into one.  By the end of the day, we had narrowed it down to 2 spots.  It was a tough call, one was better in location, and the other was hipper and newer.  We finally picked one based on size and location.  It was a whopping 800 sq ft.  and only $1700! I could walk to Pike’s Place, and Capitol Hill, and the Hubs could walk to work.  It was fate.

M Street Apartments

M Street Apartments

Until, they contacted us after we gave our deposit and they said the current tenants wanted to extend their lease.  Our number 2 choice was now our number 1.  And I’m actually excited about it.  It’s a brand new building, with a coffee shop/juice bar/trendy restaurant/market downstairs. ( As well as beautiful amenities like the sun deck.)  Here we come!

Our new home

Our new home

The sun deck

The sun deck


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