Hobby #1

Got time on your hands?  Become an amazing chef!  That’s one of my many plans for this lovely hiatus I’ve been granted.  I think I’ve figured out how to get started too:

PicMonkey Collage

1.  Luckily I had a cute plan book lying around.  As a teacher on

break, this plan book did a lot to soothe my soul.  One of my favorite parts about teaching IS planning, so imagine my delight when I figured out a use for this little plan book.  It’ll be a diary of sorts, recording my meal plans day by day and week by week.

2.  I was also fortunate enough to find these awesome recipe cards (I’m pretty sure the plan book and the recipe cards were gifts from the bestie, so glad I could put them to use).  I’m saving these bad boys for recipes I truly fall in love with.

3.  Speaking of recipes, do you know how hard it is to decide what to make for dinner!?!  When your tried and true culinary feats can be counted on one hand, it’s always best to scour the internet for blogs that have already done the experimentation.  Problem is, there’s a lot of junk out there.  I once made a Thai coconut soup that literally had no spices added.  (warning sign #1)  Needless to say, it was majorly disgusting.  I never made another recipe from that site again. But then there are those sites that never let you down.  Maybe the author has a palate that is much like your own.  Here are some sites that are my go to (I hope your palate agrees):

Dinner, A Love Story  (Thanks to the recommendation from A Lovely State of Mind)

Orangette (I read her book, loved it, and have been frequenting her blog ever since. And, she has a restaurant in Seattle!)

Nom Nom Paleo (When I was on the Paleo diet, this was the only site that had recipes good enough to compete with gluten, corn, legume, dairy, sugar-filled recipes, she is genius!)

And here are a few I haven’t yet tried, but want to very soon:

Sprouted Kitchen and Wellness Mama.

Some might think all a chef needs are some pots and pans, fresh ingredients, and a few wooden spoons.  But I say, don’t forget the planning accessories!

P.S.  I’m sure I’ll grace this blog with some gratuitous photos of homemade meals soon.


Warby Parker is HERE!


I somehow missed Warby Parker’s Class Trip when it was in Los Angeles.  So imagine my delight this morning when I opened up my Feedly and went to one of my favorite Seattle sites, It’s My Darlin’, and find that the Warby Parker Bus is HERE!

*Side note on It’s My Darlin’: This blogger snaps photos of the street style of Seattle.  My secret goal is to get snapped.  At least this gives me motivation to get dressed in cute outfits daily.

It turns out I must have walked passed the bus multiple times since being here, since it’s been here for weeks now.  I’m going to try and visit this bus and get a pair of Rx sunglasses.  (I know, I know, I live in Seattle, but today is gorgeous!)


A Woman’s Hair is Her Glory

At least that’s what my friend used to say.  And if you think about it, it’s a little true.  I mean, a great hair day can make or break your confidence (at least it can mine).  Yesterday I had a great hair day, and someone actually said I was “made of adorable.”  Imagine the pep in your step you can get from that!

So you’ll understand why I am freaking out about losing my hair in bunches these days.  I have been on DHEA supplements for about 1.5 months now.  Yes, DHEA is often given to men for erectile dysfunction, but it seems my old RE thinks it may help with making my eggs “younger.”

In case you forgot, I have some pretty damaged ovaries.  Not only overtaken by endometriomas, but also stuck to my abdomen wall and since my surgery, they are now performing badly (haha).  Seriously though, most women produce about 10-12 follicles each cycle and then their body chooses 1 to mature.  That used to be me, until my surgery.  I now make only about 4 on each, and judging from my last IVF, they are very poor quality.  My poor old eggies! So, of course I’m going to try taking this supplement to boost my chances of getting a healthy egg.

Only catch(es): the side effects.  They may include: growing facial hair, losing head hair, deepening voice, acne, aggressiveness, increased estrogen, irritability.  So far my skin has gotten a little oilier, I don’t think I’m raging, but may be irritable, but the scariest of all: I think I’m losing more hair.  I snapped a shot of how much hair I lose in the shower.  Mind you, I lose about the same amount after drying and styling my hair too.  It’s kind of a gross picture so I tried to make it cute with a filter and cute font.  (I don’t think it worked)


I bet you don’t lose this much hair.

Seattle is for Stuffing Your Face

At least that’s what we think.  We’ve been here a full 4 days, and we’ve eaten at 1,2,3,4,5,6… restaurants/bakeries.  I actually had to take a break from eating out because I felt as if my veins replaced my blood with lard.  Seattle definitely has some great eateries.  Our particular neighborhood is pretty much dominated by Tom Douglas eateries.  So, no surprise that we visited two of his restaurants in our first few days here.

We started with his “serious” establishments.  We grabbed our first dinner at Serious Pie in Downtown, just around the corner from our place.  We ordered the mixed baby greens salad, a few beers, and  a mushroom pizza with truffle cheese.  The result: Yummy, cheesy, goodness!

image-2The following morning we decided to try Serious Biscuit. We had no idea that it was located within a larger Serious Pie restaurant closer to Lake Union.  This location wasn’t too far from us either.  (DANGEROUS)


I’d say the biscuit is even yummier than the pizza.  I got the ham, egg, and cheese biscuit, and S got the fennel sausage biscuit.  The first bite took me back to Christmas Dinner. It was the perfect combo of salty and sweet.  The fennel sausage biscuit was only almost as good.

As if we weren’t feeling fat enough, today we visited Matt’s in the Market.  We heard they got all their bread from a local bakery called Macrina.  Of course, I had to get the porkstrami. It did not disappoint.  Just look at the fresh baked marble rye it’s on.


With one bite, I fell in love.  Sauerkraut and 1000 island dressing…yummmy!  After eating our tasty sammies, we decided to actually check out Macrina bakery.  So we walked down the road a ways and got even more food!  One cinnamon roll and lemon bar later, we are in food coma.

I hear that Seattle is home to lots of vegetarians and vegans.  I wanna know where they eat, cause all I’m finding is delicious animal everywhere!




This move has been in the works for a year.  All our friends and family have been prepared for our departure for some time.  Last visits for a while have been made, send off dinners and parties enjoyed.  Sadness and excitement have fueled me for weeks.

We sat in 3 hours of traffic.  Three hours! Only to find out our flight had been delayed 2.5 hours. Luckily we called our ride to turn around and take us out to dinner.  We had a leisurely dinner and headed back to the airport.  There was still plenty of time to sit and think.



While looking at my cheap boots from DSW,  I started to think about how I didn’t want to leave California anymore.  What about my friends?  Will they wait a year for me?  What about my job?  Will I be incredibly bored in Seattle?  What if I get sad because of the weather?

It’s funny how change can strike fear in you.  Whether you’re ready or not, life can offer up some wonderful changes.  I just hope I’m ready to embrace them rather than fight them.

all aboard!

all aboard!

Bye Bye Condo

It has taken FOR-EV-ERRRRRR to get our condo to this point:


It’s been weeks leading up to this moment. I’ve come to realize that I SUCK at packing up and moving.  It pretty much takes me 1 hour to pack a single box, because I become overwhelmed and then paralyzed.  (This is a chronic problem)  Yesterday was the absolute last day we could be in our condo since the cleaners were coming at 6pm.  We were in there packing up stuff until 7.  Procrastinate much?

We are currently homeless, sleeping on parents’ floors and guest beds. One might think this was stressful, but I love staying at my parents’.  My mom takes pretty good care of me.  She brings me water, heating pads, takes me to lunch.  I wish she always lived with me! I’m pretty much getting the royal treatment.  Me and my new “sister” are cut from the same cloth.  We pretty much hang out like this all day:

My mom's dog/princess/baby

My mom’s dog/princess/baby


I Actually LOVE my Doctor

After all my trips to the Reproductive Endocrinologist, I finally had an excuse to see my Family Practice Doctor.  It was SOOO nice.  Since we are moving soon, I thought I’d get a regular physical and bloodwork done.  Since so many of my peers have high cholesterol or some other thing going on, I thought it wise to check it out now that I’m over 30 (gasp!).

First off, I absolutely love my doctor! I have been going to her since starting college at 17! That makes her my doctor for 13 years now.  She has definitely seen me through lots of different life stages.  She’s so personable, a great listener, and can be quite the chatty Cathy which I enjoy (as I’m practically a mute.)

Secondly, and probably most importantly, it was really nice to be reminded that my health and being is more than just my uterus and ovaries.  It was so wonderful to talk about the fact that I might be colonized by strep! haha! She did a culture to see if I just always have strep (smart move doc, cause I get it at least once a year).  She was actually concerned about my little weight loss.  She asked me why I thought it was happening, and I told her it’s because of this “fertility diet” I was recommended to reduce inflammation.  She said it was a bad idea, and that my body actually needs fat to house a baby.  So I’m gonna take it easy on the dieting.  It was such a relief not to be told to eat better, cut carbs, no gluten…I know it doesn’t mean that I have a free pass to eat junk, but it has reminded me that in focusing so much on baby, I’ve neglected the rest of my body.

I told her about how the RE told me my egg quality was poor and that my endo makes me a poor responder to fertility meds.  She actually looked at all my labs that the RE had drawn and told me that every single one showed healthy and normal levels.  (No early menopause here)  Her advice: relax in Seattle, and take a break from fertility treatments, because from her perspective she doesn’t see anything terrible.  (easier said than done)178d2425aae6afbe6dfd1d1d8bccdfe3

If you’re looking for an amazing doctor in the LA area, let me know.  My doc rocks!