I’m Not a Weakling

This is me today:

stomach-painExcept, turn that pillow into a heating pad.

I swear that when I complain about my period, people must think I’m such a wuss.  “Yea, my period is pretty painful too.” “Oh, I get bad cramps and back pain too.”  Yet, no one I have met so far can tell me that they too have cramps that feel like a giant knife is being pushed up their butt to poke their uterus 🙂 But really, that’s what it feels like.

Today it is so bad that I drove to work thinking, “I can do this, I can do this…” Only to walk straight to the bathroom, have the urge to lie on the filthy floor and rock myself out of the pain.  After I was done with that thought, I made a beeline for my fairy godmother teaching partner.  She called subfinder for me and told me to go home.  Of course, I went straight to my classroom to try and put sub plans together.  After 10 minutes of this she came by and told me to leave.

So now I am home, ibuprofen popped, heating pad on belly, feeling lousy.  Endometriosis kinda sucks balls.




6 thoughts on “I’m Not a Weakling

    • Some months are better than others. I haven’t had this pain in a while actually. But we aren’t doing hormone meds this month which may be making it worse 😦

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