Madewell Madness

This weekend, a spontaneous visit into the Madewell at the Americana led me to a bit of a shopping spree.  Lucky for me my husband encourages me to buy whatever I like.  (cue T.I. song here)  Doubly lucky for me, everything on sale was an extra 30% off.  And I NEVER buy anything that’s full price.  (Lucky for him, I’m frugal) Three sweaters later, I left a very happy lady.

I came home wanting more, so I went online to shop more sale.  Imagine my surprise when the things I actually bought, were a) not on the site or b) not marked down.  I absolutely HATE shopping online, I need to go into a store to try things on and see the quality and fit for myself.  But am I really that much a novice that I can’t even find the same items of clothing online?  The only purchase I could find was this:


And trust me, I did not pay $118 for this.

Lessons learned: Make more random visits to Madewell’s sale section, and have someone teach me how to shop online.


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