Heartthrob Thursday #2

When I think of my high school bedroom (heck, even my college dorm room) I think of the self made wallpaper of boys.  I would say men, but really…they were boys.  The most prevalent face to appear on this wallpaper of mine was none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.  I remember having dreams where I would meet him, he’d ask me on a date, and we’d live happily ever after.

Ahhhh, Leo…


Such boyish good looks.

Who didn’t fall in love with him in Titanic!?! But my absolute favorite movie to take images from for my wallpaper was Romeo and Juliet.  Remember that one?  It was a total teen angsty, MTV version of ‘ole Bill Shakespeare.  I’m not claiming to have loved the movie, but I certainly LOVED the soundtrack, and even more so the romantic images.romeo

My sixteen year old self most certainly thought, “Get out of there Claire Danes! He’s mine!”

Now that I’m all grown up, looking at these photos makes me feel kind of like a pedophile.  Definitely don’t conjure up the same flutter in my tummy.  God, he looks so young!  Hard to think I was young enough to think he looked hot in these photos.  Time flies…He’s still a handsome guy, I guess.


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