When it Rains it Pours

I totally get that saying.  It holds true every time I get sick.  I remember the Spring Break of Strep, when I had strep throat that turned into pink eyes.  All while vacationing in Napa Valley.  Lovely.

This time it started with my seriously horrible period, which transitioned into a strep throat infection, which then overlapped with a some sort of virus, leading to a ton of congestion, and fingers crossed I’ll avoid a sinus infection.  The other day my coworkers actually remarked on my appearance, wondering if I’d been crying.  Nope! This is just watery eyes and flaky nose from mucus, folks.  I hope my body recovers before my next period, otherwise I’ll be in the longest stretch of sick ever! 2 weeks already.

All this just to say:



Heartthrob Thursday: Husband Edition



photo-5I was trying to think of which teen beat heartthrob I wanted to write about today, when I thought, “Geez, I’m living with my own personal heartthrob!”  (Did you just vomit a little?)

It is our anniversary today, and this day always conjures up the excitement of our wedding day.  It also makes me realize how lucky I am to have met such a great guy.  Some people wait decades trying to find “the one.”  I met mine at 22.  My favorite thing to do is compare ourselves now to when we just started dating.  It’s so cool to see how we’ve influenced each other in so many ways.  Lucky for me, he’s the most thoughtful, caring, polite, generous…man I have ever known.

I’m so excited to be on this amazing journey with the best partner I could ask for.

On This Day of Moms

Today we celebrate the magical women that brought us into this world and raised us with tender, loving care.  I really enjoyed spending today with my mom and spoiling her for once.  There are not enough days for me to say thank you for all she’s done for me, and continues to do for me.  Just the other day I called her saying, “Mom, my tummy hurts.” And she popped on over with some soup.  Mom’s truly are a blessing.

I thought perhaps I’d be sad this mother’s day seeing pictures all my friends with their respective babies.  But actually, I feel quite hopeful.  I feel hopeful because I know one day,  not too far off into the future, we are going to have a little one of our own.  Someone to call me mom 🙂  I actually know this.  However this little one makes his/her way into our lives,  he/she will be welcomed like no other.

I can’t wait!


I’m Not a Weakling

This is me today:

stomach-painExcept, turn that pillow into a heating pad.

I swear that when I complain about my period, people must think I’m such a wuss.  “Yea, my period is pretty painful too.” “Oh, I get bad cramps and back pain too.”  Yet, no one I have met so far can tell me that they too have cramps that feel like a giant knife is being pushed up their butt to poke their uterus 🙂 But really, that’s what it feels like.

Today it is so bad that I drove to work thinking, “I can do this, I can do this…” Only to walk straight to the bathroom, have the urge to lie on the filthy floor and rock myself out of the pain.  After I was done with that thought, I made a beeline for my fairy godmother teaching partner.  She called subfinder for me and told me to go home.  Of course, I went straight to my classroom to try and put sub plans together.  After 10 minutes of this she came by and told me to leave.

So now I am home, ibuprofen popped, heating pad on belly, feeling lousy.  Endometriosis kinda sucks balls.



Madewell Madness

This weekend, a spontaneous visit into the Madewell at the Americana led me to a bit of a shopping spree.  Lucky for me my husband encourages me to buy whatever I like.  (cue T.I. song here)  Doubly lucky for me, everything on sale was an extra 30% off.  And I NEVER buy anything that’s full price.  (Lucky for him, I’m frugal) Three sweaters later, I left a very happy lady.

I came home wanting more, so I went online to shop more sale.  Imagine my surprise when the things I actually bought, were a) not on the site or b) not marked down.  I absolutely HATE shopping online, I need to go into a store to try things on and see the quality and fit for myself.  But am I really that much a novice that I can’t even find the same items of clothing online?  The only purchase I could find was this:


And trust me, I did not pay $118 for this.

Lessons learned: Make more random visits to Madewell’s sale section, and have someone teach me how to shop online.

Heartthrob Thursday #2

When I think of my high school bedroom (heck, even my college dorm room) I think of the self made wallpaper of boys.  I would say men, but really…they were boys.  The most prevalent face to appear on this wallpaper of mine was none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.  I remember having dreams where I would meet him, he’d ask me on a date, and we’d live happily ever after.

Ahhhh, Leo…


Such boyish good looks.

Who didn’t fall in love with him in Titanic!?! But my absolute favorite movie to take images from for my wallpaper was Romeo and Juliet.  Remember that one?  It was a total teen angsty, MTV version of ‘ole Bill Shakespeare.  I’m not claiming to have loved the movie, but I certainly LOVED the soundtrack, and even more so the romantic images.romeo

My sixteen year old self most certainly thought, “Get out of there Claire Danes! He’s mine!”

Now that I’m all grown up, looking at these photos makes me feel kind of like a pedophile.  Definitely don’t conjure up the same flutter in my tummy.  God, he looks so young!  Hard to think I was young enough to think he looked hot in these photos.  Time flies…He’s still a handsome guy, I guess.

Thinking Positive?


Trying to remain positive is so hard when you are constantly receiving bad news.  You have to really take yourself out of this seemingly all consuming situation, float above your reality for a minute and look at all the amazing things happening in your life.  In my attempt to be positive, this quote spoke to me.  It makes me realize that what I think I need so badly right this instant, may not be that important 10-15 years down the line.  Life goes on, and dwelling on what didn’t go according to plan, well that’s not really an option if you want to be happy.

The hard part for me is that we’ve been living in a limbo state, wondering if we’ll become parents for a long while now.  After months and months of anticipation and disappointment, it’s almost as if we’re living in a fog that distorts any other good thing that comes into our lives.  Having some sort of closure would really help me to move on and focus on the positive.

Isn’t it strange? Having hope that something might happen against all odds is actually what makes me saddest.  I think I’m going to take my mom’s advice now, and not  “get so sad,” I’m going to “think about good things.”