A Skirt from Last Summer

Last summer I decided to start a skirt based on the tutorial on this great blog, Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing. The tutorial was simple, and the skirt was something I would definitely wear.  But, as most projects go, I got distracted and starting knitting a cowl after I cut all my pattern pieces out.

I decided to start it back up again after receiving some not so good news.  I find that crafting/creating something requires all of my focus and energy.  No room for dwelling on bad news, or hypothesizing what might happen next.  Nope, just measuring, ironing, folding, and stitching.  It’s quite therapeutic.

I was able to finish the waistband and body of the skirt, but then realized it called for an invisible zipper and zipper foot.  You may be like me and be wondering, “Hmmm…is this the same as a regular zipper and zipper foot?” Answer: No.

The project was on hold until I could make a trip to the local JOANNs for the invisible zippering materials.  Here’s what I got for under five bucks:Image

My next steps on this skirt are to insert this magically invisible zipper using the tutorial here and hem it up.  Stay tuned for my fashionably vintage creation.

Thanks Gertie!


2 thoughts on “A Skirt from Last Summer

  1. Can’t wait to see the new outfit, as knowing you it will be super stylish. Sorry to hear that you received bad news. :/ Talk soon?

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