A Skirt from Last Summer

Last summer I decided to start a skirt based on the tutorial on this great blog, Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing. The tutorial was simple, and the skirt was something I would definitely wear.  But, as most projects go, I got distracted and starting knitting a cowl after I cut all my pattern pieces out.

I decided to start it back up again after receiving some not so good news.  I find that crafting/creating something requires all of my focus and energy.  No room for dwelling on bad news, or hypothesizing what might happen next.  Nope, just measuring, ironing, folding, and stitching.  It’s quite therapeutic.

I was able to finish the waistband and body of the skirt, but then realized it called for an invisible zipper and zipper foot.  You may be like me and be wondering, “Hmmm…is this the same as a regular zipper and zipper foot?” Answer: No.

The project was on hold until I could make a trip to the local JOANNs for the invisible zippering materials.  Here’s what I got for under five bucks:Image

My next steps on this skirt are to insert this magically invisible zipper using the tutorial here and hem it up.  Stay tuned for my fashionably vintage creation.

Thanks Gertie!


A Control Freak, Undone

Back when I knew absolutely NOTHING about fertility treatments, I used to think, “gosh, that person just needs to do IVF.  easy peasy.”  How naive I was.  When all this started over two years ago, we still thought, “well, if this surgery doesn’t work, we can always do IVF.”  After the surgery, we thought, “well, if these cycles don’t work, we can always do IVF.”
Well, now that we’re doing IVF we are thinking, “Geez, what happens if this doesn’t work?”

The whole process itself can take months before they even know how your body responds to the medications.  And if you’re like me, a “Poor Responder” to meds, well then you get to have cycles canceled because you just don’t have enough eggs.  So imagine my excitement when this cycle actually gets to go through retrieval (when they take out your eggies).  I didn’t have many, but because of my “young age” the doctor was hopeful that they’d be of great quality.  And everyone always says, “all you need is one,” right?

After the procedure, the doctor told us that the three eggs were not suitable for fertilization.  (insert big sigh here)  I find out tomorrow for sure, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  So now we are not quite sure what comes next.  I know people go through IVF multiple times, and technically we haven’t even completed a full cycle because of my poor response, but I can’t imagine putting my mind/body through this whole process many more times. I’m not sure how people do it.

For someone who feels most comfortable knowing what’s coming 10 steps ahead, this whole process is definitely unraveling my spirit.  Distractions welcome–NOW!

Throwback Thursday: Heartthrob Version


Thanks to a doctor’s appointment yesterday, I got to rekindle my love for a favorite childhood tv show–boy Meets World. I don’t suggest actually watching it again, it’s actually quite terrible. Really sexist, in fact.

The one upside of watching/snoozing to a few hours of crummy tv is that you get reminded of how hilariously consuming teen crushes can be. Like my crush on Will Friedle. The memory of Bop cut outs hanging on my wall made me laugh out loud. So, for all you other Friedle fans…you’re welcome:)
(You probably forgot you even had a crush on him, like I did)

The Waiting Room

“Take pride in your pain; you are stronger than those who have none.”
— Lois Lowry, Gathering Blue

It took me a while to decide whether or not to share our fertility struggles on this blog, but since this blog IS about my life, I thought it only appropriate.

Seems I’ve been in the waiting room far too often recently. And in case you didn’t know, waiting rooms are detrimental to your spirit. Mine anyway… I end up analyzing every twinge, cramp, pain, or in today’s case: lack thereof. What if…? The worst way to start a thought in the waiting room.

I’m hoping that this whole process will make me stronger, less controlling, and in the end, at peace.

Fur Baby

It’s been at least two years since I begged my husband to get a puppy, got one, then 24 hours later begged him never to let me get a dog again.  I’m sure the cute pup found a warm home to call her very own, just wasn’t ours.

The endless barking in the middle of the night is fading.  The poop stained windows, a distant memory.  Dog eating it’s own turd, forgotten.  So much so that I’m starting to want a dog again.

I mean, dogs are loyal right?  They are happy to see you when you get home from work.  They cuddle with you.  They love you! And, I’ve found the perfect dog: an Airedale Terrier.  Hypoallergenic, medium sized, and cute!

Just look at this face:


Now, just to convince the hubby…

Soon, Friends…Soon

Two months and counting.  That’s how long we have until our Seattle adventure begins.  I’m nervous, scared, relieved, and excited.  On the to do list before we leave: pack up my classroom, pack up our home, hire a moving company, list our condo for rent, find a place to live, have lots of fun time with friends (before I have none nearby).  EEK!